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This is ‘Draupadi’ of ‘Mahabharata’, 3 times attempted suicide due to husband, now looks like this

Rupa Ganguly

The telecast of the Mahabharata began on Doordarshan about 30 years ago. The mention of the events shown in this serial aired every Sunday became the subject of discussion. As if its characters became part of every house in India. Whether it is about ‘Yudhishthira’ and ‘Duryodhana’ or ‘Draupadi’. Each of its characters was unique in itself.

Today, let’s talk about Rupa Ganguly, the actress who plays ‘Draupadi’ in Mahabharata. Roopa Ganguly is 53 years old. Rupa was born on 25 November 1966 in Kalyani, Kolkata. Rupa made her debut with a Bengali serial Muktabandha. In 1986, she started her Hindi career with Doordarshan’s TV serial Ganadevata.

Talking about the success of Mahabharata, Roopa had said during the show Sach Ka Saamna – My experience after Mahabharata was shocking. I had the biggest shock of my life. I was not ambitious enough to waver. In these 24 years of my career, I did not ask anyone for work.

Rupa married Dhrub Mukherjee, a mechanical engineer in 1992. They started living apart from each other in 2007 after 14 years of marriage and later divorced in January 2009. Rupa told about her relation in the show that I was fed up with everyday quarrels. Because of this, I also attempted suicide three times. After separating from her husband, Rupa lived in her Mumbai flat with her boyfriend Dibyendu, 13 years younger than her.

Rupa had said about Dibyendu – because of him I came back to Mumbai from Kolkata. He inspired me to work again so that people would remember my work again. After this, Roopa got the serial which made her famous in the house. The scene of Chir Haran was shot and during this time, actress Rupa Ganguly, who plays Draupadri, was crying after doing the scene and she was somehow silenced by the director again. Rupa joined BJP in 2015. She is currently a Member of Parliament in the Upper House of Parliament.

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