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This Famous Mirzapur Star Got Injured Shooting for Mirzapur2

Harshita GaurThe famous actress Harshita Gaur, who turned out to be the hallmark of the web series Mirzapur, is not in good shape these days. Harshita actually suffered a severe knee injury while shooting for the trailing series of Mirzapur. Sharing a brief on the same, the actress has shared her photo of a crutch, mentioning, “I’m going to spend some time with a new friend. However, we share a love-hate relationship. ”

In the recent past, Harshita has spoken about it confirming her knee injury. The doctor has advised her for a bed rest ranging for a month as the actress had earlier hurt herself during the shooting of the punch beat in her left leg. Now, the same pair of reactors have been hurt which holds the chances of creating the trouble even serious.

Further adding to the same, the actress said, “Yes, these are the second time in a few months that my same leg is bruised and this time my kneeling. That’s life. You fall and you get up again. While in spite of the injury, I was shooting for the punch beat and now shooting for Mirzapur 2.”

Fans will be shocked to know that the talented actress, Harshita had also hurt her left knee  during the shooting for one of her dance video. The doctors have advised Harshita for a complete bed rest which means Harshita will have to take at least a month’s break. She is reported to be back to Delhi, now. She further added on her ailment mentioning, “I am currently recovering in my hometown Delhi and am resting so that I will fit and recover before I resume shooting Mirzapur 2.”

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