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‘This’ comment really bothered Navya Naveli Nanda – Read below to know more!

Navya Naveli Nanda granddaughter of Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan is very vocal about her opinions, which we absolutely adore about her. Navya is very active on social media and she uses it for a good cause and the trolls don’t bother her anymore. But there was this one comment which really upset her.

Speaking to Her Circle, she said, “I remember there was one specific comment that I got really upset about. I had given an interview about how my mom inspired me a lot because she is a working woman. Somebody commented ‘but what does she do?’ My response to that was that she is a mother and that’s a full time job itself.”

She further added, “I think that being a mom is probably the hardest job that anyone can have and we don’t appreciate it enough, don’t give them the credit they deserve. We think that just because they are not running an empire or a billion dollar company that their work is not important. But they are responsible for raising a generation of people who will hopefully not look down on them.”

A few days ago, Navya shared a picture of herself and wrote in the caption, “When they say ONLY 14% of startup founders in India are women.. #EntrepreNaari.” Her post received a lot of love from the masses.

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