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These five Tony Kakkar songs are useless, but they make great memes!

Tony Kakkar is one of the most famous singers in Bollywood. Many of his songs have received over a million views. One of his specialties is that he sings a full 4-minute song in a single line, and hardly anyone can do this. And his sister, Neha Kakkar, is also behind this talent. We all know that millions of fans are crazy about Neha’s voice. But when we heard the song Kanta Laga by these two singers, we felt like a fire was burning in our bodies.

Not only that, but Tony has sung many songs, and the songs are popular, but people are intrigued by Tony’s new venture. People enjoy his songs to make memes. And he has a specialty in which he chooses trending celebrities or Bigg Boss contestants for his songs in order to attract an audience.

So let’s see in today’s article that five songs sung by Tony Kakkar do not have any flavor.

Tony Kakkar: 


Laila Tony created the album in 2020, and Helly Daruwala was also with him. When these songs came on YouTube, they started getting very good views, and now, if we talk about the present, the song has crossed 57 million views. But to tell the truth, there is absolutely no sense in the song. But the audience used the song a lot for their memes.

While reacting to the video, a user wrote, This happens when you don’t focus on the lyrics but just want to sing what comes into your mind 

Another wrote “The starting part “Aha” is better than the whole lyrics”

One more written Tony Kakkar lyrics should be like Duniya me corona hai faila..Faila Nach meri Laila Laila 

 Number Likh

Now there is another song on our list, “Number Likh,” which after listening made me wonder, “Why don’t we also start writing lyrics?”

And they are correct in saying that the entire song must be followed by one line and one aah beat. It featured Bigg Boss 14’s Nikki Tamboli, who was given the task of making a stupid face in the song.

Reacting to the video one user hilariously commented, “Thanks to Tony Kakkar My physically handicapped 96 years old great grandfather was sitting peacefully, but when I played this song he stands up and switched off the tv Millions of thanks to Tony Kakkar. ” 

Another wrote, Tony never disappoints us on disappointing us

One more wrote, We can’t expect anything else than Ahha in the start of his song 

Tera Suit

In Tera Suit, Bigg Boss 14 famed couple Jasmine Bhasin and Aly Goni collaborated with Tony, and the viewers felt that there would be something new in it. But, in this case, Singer had only kept the garbage.

Reacting to the video, one user wrote that, Tony Kakkar has a hidden talent That should be hidden forever

Another wrote, Itna Jaldi to Koi bhi question Ka answer yad nahi hota jitna jaldi Tony Kakkar Ka songs yad ho jata hai ️

4) Shona Shona


Bigg Boss 13 contestants Shahnaz Gill and Siddharth Shukla collaborated on this song. The song also got a lot of praise, and even the work was very good except for Tony’s lyrics. People really like the duo SidNaaz in a song. Yes, it is sad that Sidharth is no longer with us.

There was no power in the lyrics at all, but the viewers gave a very good response to the song.

5) Kanta Laga 

Three singers Yo Yo Honey Singh, Neha Kakkar, and Tony Kakkar came together and set the earth on fire with Kaanta Laga. The more you criticise this song, the less it is. The most attention-grabbing was Neha Kakkar’s dress. “I think she copied Cardi B and Nikki Minaj’. But she appeared to be an alien. There was no meaning in her dress, and she was making such a face that it seemed that she was carrying the burden of the earth.

Reacting to the video, one wrote, “I have decided to donate my two eyes and ears after watching this inspiring song. Now I can leave this planet very happily and peacefully. Thank you so much for uploading such al lovely video.”

Another wrote, “I work in night shifts and this song is really helpful when I am super sleepy and want to wake up. It scares my eyes and ears so much that I can’t sleep for three days.

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