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These amazing series will be seen on Netflix, Prime and Hotstar in January 2020

Ever since Netflix, sizzlingstar, Zee5, Amazon Prime, Apple TV etc have knocked in India, people are watching it more than TV. Especially the youth section has become a fan of these apps. The popularity of the OTT platform can be gauged from the fact that e-commerce platforms like Flipkart have also come in the field of video streaming and Airtel and Tata Sky have also had to start OTT.

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Well, we know that you like the webseries shown on OTT platforms and you wait for them eagerly. In 2019, one amazing webseries came after ever single one and was very popular. In this news, we are telling you about some series and new seasons coming in January 2020, which will surely win your heart.

First thing about the next season of Doctor Who. Although it is a very old series, but this series is popular because it is about time travel. It has many aliens, space travel and a lot of adventure. In such a situation, children and teenagers as well as youngsters love this series. Its next season is scheduled to appear on Amazon Prime in January.

Dracula is going to knock on Netflix in January 2020. This information has been given on the website and the series has been described as suspenseful and scary. Being scary is also natural. When it comes to Dracula, you will feel scared.

Another series is going to start on Netflix in January 2020, called Giri / Haji. This will be a Japanese-British series in which a detective will appear who is also looking for his brother.

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