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These 5 Indian Films that had too many Remakes

India is known to have a number of dialects, language, culture and creed, which have kept the Indians diverse and different. But one thing that has connected them together is the Cinema. The Indian cinema is lured all across the world. The cinema has some virtual divisions with South and North Indian films but one industry that connects them all is Bollywood. The B Town is busy coming out with one movie to the other and these are made with different genres and ideas. Some of the Bollywood movies are even the remake of the South Indian films, in fact, some of the Indian films have not just one or two remakes but many to count. How about exploring the list of such movies that had too many remakes as under, have a look at the top 5 ones as under:

1). Okadu

This film has been in made in many languages reaching to its remake of five different movies. These include Gill in Tamil, Jor in Bengal, Ajay in Kannada and Tevar in Bollywood.

2). Sammy


The film has been in made as Lakshmi Narasimha in Telugu, Ayya in Kannada, Barood in Bengali and finally Policegiri in Bollywood.

3). Manichitrathazhu


This film has been among the biggest hit in Kerala when it released in 1993. It was among the critically acclaimed movie that was later made in a number of regional and B Town industries. These include in making Kannada, Tamil, Bengali and finally in B Town.

4). Sethu –


The Tamil film Sethu was made in 1999, which was made on a real life of director’s friend who falls in love with a girl later loses the lady to make his life miserable and then finally enters into mental asylum. You guessed it right, the film is Tere Naam, which was made in 2001 in Bollywood with Salman Khan in its lead role. Later, it was made in Kannada, Bengali and other languages.

5). Golmaal –


This film is a cult in B Town with too many sequels releasing in the theatres. The film was made in different languages including Kannada and other similar movies.

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