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“There is no alternative to hard work,” says actress Khanak Budhiraja

Have you come across those people who constantly bug you to dodge the efforts and take sideways to reach your success? Stay away from them! Because there is no alternative to hard work. And the person who says this means every word. She is actress Khanak Budhiraja. You may already know her! The actress will soon make her debut in Bollywood.

Khanak Budhiraja is an architect by profession. However, to fulfil her grandfather’s dream, she went on to become an actress. The actress started knocking on the doors of Bollywood only to face tonnes of rejections. Speaking of which, Khanak says, “No matter what profession you choose, rejections are like dark clouds. They will follow you, but not for long!”

“Why are we finding alternatives to hard work? Do we really need them? Should you take a shortcut on the path you choose to walk on? Ask yourself!”

These utterly simple questions raised by Khanak Budhiraja made us bend the nerves of our brain. While many are still searching for answers, the actress added these words: “If you are doing something with your whole heart and being passionate about it, then no matter how tough the situation is, you will get through it. Perseverance can’t be replaced and it shouldn’t be replaced.”

No matter how demanding the situation got or the number of rejections kept increasing, Khanak Budhiraja never gave up on her determination to achieve her goal! And look at her now! Her persistence has reaped the fruit of her success. The actress has two big Bollywood lineups for this year, including “Ek Kori Prem Katha” and “Johnny Jumper.”

Khanak Budhiraja has no godfather in the industry, and we all know how arduous it is to earn a place in Bollywood. But she was tougher and know how to stand still when the stormy winds thwack. Khanak Budhiraja’s journey and thoughts are an inspiration not only for aspiring actresses but for each one of us.

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