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The Tik Tok Couple Clay & Felicia: Planning to Change the World, One Video at a Time!

Tik Tok Couple Clay & Felicia

Tik Tok has been quite the craze since last year. Millions of people worldwide are going crazy over these videos that are available online on Tik Tok. Amongst the various aspiring stars making and uploading videos on the app, there are only a few, who have received love from people worldwide. One such famous Tik Tok couple who have been taking the industry by a storm for quite some time is Clay & Felicia Brown.

The Growing Popularity
A major reason why these videos tend to catch the attention of people of every age is because of the engaging content. What’s astonishing is that every video is visibly different from the other along with the content. Not only this, such a humorous take on life is extremely inspiring for most people who struggle with even the simplest things in their daily life. This is another reason why videos on Tik Tok are getting so popular these days. People find them so relatable and try to implement some of the elements in their life too. The same is the case for Clay & Felicia. People not only get entertained by their videos but also find them motivating. What works for this lovely tik tok couple is that almost all their videos are hilarious. They have a funny take on almost everything!

Making the Videos
In a recent interview, Felicia said, “creating such funny videos featuring our daily life is not something that we plan and execute. It happens just like that. It’s mostly because we both are such fun and goofy personalities, that it comes naturally to us! So whatever you see online, a huge part of it is a fragment of our life and not something that we sit and think through before filming”

According to Clay, ‘Even though making these videos has become such an integral part of their life, what motivates them every day is the fact that each one of these videos influences people and makes them realize that it’s completely ok to be themselves.’ With the emergence of social media platforms there is a massive pressure on people to fit the standards of society and blend in. Their videos encourage people to dare to be different and be proud of themselves.

Making the World a Better Place
What impresses most viewers and fans are that Clay & Felicia are not just here for the fame, they also want to do something for the community that has given them so much love and respect. This gorgeous couple don’t just volunteer for social works but also helps out anyone who seeks their assistance for the various issues in their life or relationships. The aim is not just to solve their problems but to make them see the good that exists in the world. Both Clay & Felicia have vowed to give it back to the community in a big way so that everyone finds happiness and positivity in their life. They believe this is the only way to make this world a much better place for everyone.
Their journey has started in the industry with a bang! And the entire world is loving them already. So it’s not wrong to hope that Clay & Felicia will keep bringing us millions of videos with brand new content in the future too and keep us entertained! Check out their Tik Tok @theclaybrown & Instagram @ClayAndFeli for more!



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