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The team of “Go Goa Gone” gave the message of social distance to the audience

Kunal Khemu, Veer Das and Anand Tiwari celebrated the completion of seven years of their hit film Go Goa Gone and sent a message to their viewers to maintain social distance during the coronovirus epidemic.

This zombie action comedy film was directed by Raj and D.K. It also featured Saif Ali Khan and Pooja Gupta.

Kunal Khemu gave a message of social distancing through a video and posted it on his Socialmedia account.

The video promotes scrubbing, maintaining social distance, and wearing masks. It impressed fans but everyone demanded a sequel to the film.

In January this year, Kunal said that the Go Goa Gone sequel was going through logistic issues and hence the project could not start in the last few years.

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