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The Rise Of A Million Dollar Company Amidst The Pandemic, Into The Journey Of Leading Digital PR Agency Teamology Softech


There are some individuals who wait for the perfect opportunity to rise to the moment and then there are those who take the opportunity and make it perfect. Teamology Softech’s founders are the leaders of the latter group who rose to an unprecedented occasion and turned their venture into a roaring success.

Incepted in the middle of the pandemic, Teamology Softech Media Services Pvt Ltd rose like a phoenix amidst tumultous times and gave the much needed boost to businesses who were looking to grow their reach by signing into expert digital PR, website design, social media management and celebrity PR etc.

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty”, Gulrez Alam, managing director of the firm followed this quote by Winston Churchill to kickstart his digital marketing and PR agency amidst all the questions that were raised by people to start with a business when a full blown pandemic has hurt several others.

 Today, Mr Gulrez Alam cherishes his decision and the business statistics explain why is it so, not only did Teamology meet the rising demand of various startups to grow their business online with the most time tested ways of digital PR via top-notch services at costs to businesses which were amongst the most reasonable in the market, it’s client rate and publications grew manifold.

At this time when the world is still recovering from the setbacks of the Covid-19 pandemic, Teamology has just in the month of february 2021 released over 500 publications of many leading brands and influencers.

 The digital solutions agency also takes pride in its collaborations with more than a hundred leading high authority media agencies in the world, which have been constantly boosting the reach and attention that Teamology’s client businesses are exposed to.

In less than an year, the firm has built an incredible network for startups, influencers and brands which connects them with multi-million visitors and has generated over a million dollars in revenue for it’s client’s. And this is just the start of leading the way in the digital industry, the visionary founders of the company have many milestones lined up to scale its success manifold.

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