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From favouritism to unfair evictions, all the reasons why the audience has felt Bigg Boss 16 is highly biased

Bigg Boss 16 has been gaining attention for all the wrong reasons and the show has indeed failed to match the expectations of its loyal viewers. From the beginning of this season, the ‘foul play’ and not the ‘fair play’ concept in the show has highly disappointed the audience. People have claimed the show to be biased towards some contestants and favour others.

While the tagline ‘Iss Baar Bigg Boss Bhi Khelega’ was introduced this season, the netizens now feel that Bigg Boss is indeed playing, in fact, he is playing dirty. From favouring some contestants to declaring unfair eliminations, we have been there and seen it all since this season started.

From the audience’s point of view, here are some reasons why Bigg Boss 16 has been highly biased.

1. Favouritism Hai!
Favouring contestants in this Colors Tv reality show is something that was always questioned. Sumbul Touiqeer’s father communicates now and then, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia getting a chance to become a captain by Shiv’s individual choice, guiding contestants like Nimrit, MC stan and some others, Bigg Boss 16 has some favourites in the BB house who enjoy huge opportunities inside the house.

Bigg Boss 16

2. Sajid Khan and Shadyantra
We never knew what makers are up to. Everybody is aware that Sajid Khan would have been eliminated a long ago if the audience’s vote was a decision. The filmmaker was always safe from nominations for a few weeks and when he was nominated for eviction, the makers were quick to declare the closure of voting lines to save him. Amid this, netizens have totally understood what’s cooking between the two. Chalak Bro, Chalak!

Sajid Khan

3. Targetting Priyanka and Ankit
Ever since the show began, we have always seen Priyanka and Ankit getting bashed by Salman Khan and sometimes for no reason. After his eviction, Udaariyaan actor Ankit Gupta also addressed the fact that they were constantly targeted on the show. Even the audience feels that they were often criticised by the host Salman Khan for making the right decision. On the other hand, viewers also stated that Ankit was always demotivated.

Before this, Gautam Vig, who was evicted some time ago, spoke about being targetted while others like Nimrit, Sumbul and Sajid were guided by the makers.

Bigg boss 16 Priyanka and Ankit

4. Unfair eviction
In terms of eviction, the show has brought nothing new and even this time Bigg boss is quick to eliminate deserving contestants from the show, just when he wants. Ankit Gupta was recently evicted and the audience compared the ouster of former contestants like Umar and Abhinav on this occasion. Let us tell you, Ankit Gupta wasn’t eliminated due to the least votes from the audience, he was voted out by contestants which isn’t the format of the show After this episode aired, netizens bashed the makers and said, “Voting Lines Ka Dhong Mat Kiya Karo Fir.”

Ankit Gupta elimination scene

Sreejita De who is currently in the show was the first contestant to be kicked out of the show. At that time, even the actress claimed that her eviction was unfair and she deserved to be inside as a strong contestant. she also said that many other contestants deserved elimination before her.

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