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The reason behind Kareena Kapoor Khan’s exit as Sita in KV Vijayendra Prasad’s Ramayan is her high fee demand?

Ever since it was announced that Ram and Sita’s iconic tale is again going to be made for the big screen. There were speculations about the lead cast. There were reports that Kareena Kapoor had been offered the role of Sita. However, it was later reported that the actress demanded 12-crore fees which the makers couldn’t meet.

Now it seems the writer of the film K Vijayendra Prasad has a different story. Putting a full stop to all the rumors Vijayendra said that the film never offered to Kareena.

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When he was asked about the film offered to Kareena’s exit from the film due to fee demand, he denied it emphatically. “No no no,” was his reply.

While he chose not to speak much about the issue. Koimoi quoted a source as saying, “Kareena Kapoor Khan is not suited to the part at all. It must have suited some marketing brains somewhere to suggest she’s playing Sita as her husband(Saif Ali Khan) is playing Ravan in another project. Also, the hefty fee that she is supposed to have asked for a role that she has not been offered sounds impressive but far-fetched in this day and age of an economic recession. Maybe Kareena should offer 12 crores to the producers for the privilege of playing Sita?”

Now since the air is quite clear it would be interesting to see who ropes up as Sita.


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