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The Panchali Web Series Makers Charged by Anupriya Goenka for Wrongful Intimate Scenes Shooting

Soon after an upcoming accusation from the makers of Panchali against Anupriya Goenka being unprofessional, the actress came up charging the makers of shooting her wrongful intimate scenes. The makers alleged her for not promoting the web series while the actress accused them of cheating her with respect to some of her intimate scenes on the show.

The makers of web series Panchali, streaming on ULLU app and its actress Anupriya Goenka are going through a nasty fight. Both the parties are coming up with serious allegations against each other.

Anupriya blamed that the makers had earlier promised her that the intimate scenes of hers will be shot in dim-light and that too wouldn’t extend 30 seconds, but all of these scenes were shot and released with full light and also extended up to three to four minutes each.

Quoting her statement, it was said, “The first three intimate scenes were to be shot in silhouette and dim light and no scene of any intimate nature was to extend beyond 30 seconds each. During the shoot of the first 3 scenes, as if was fully lit, I was once again reassured that in post the scenes would be dimmed and on edit the scenes wouldn’t extend beyond what discussed. Again to realize that once again I was manipulated and as each scene was released for a duration of 3 to 4 minutes in bright light.”

She further added that she was told that Panchali is a short film, but later it was released as a web series. Anupriya also mentioned that despite of all such alleged anomalies, she was still ready to promote the series but she didn’t receive much support from the team.

Speaking the same, she said, “I felt let down and admit did not want to promote the project at all, but after having a talk with Mr. Sushant Singh (CINTAA HEAD), I agreed to go promote the series. My PR team, in fact even followed up with their PR team for PR strategy, dates, constantly. Asked for details of interviews they planned with journalists but nothing was ever shared with us. They only wanted me to have a picture with the CEO of Ullu to put on medianet in TIMES. In spite of all the bad blood I was willing to promote the series, but I can’t be made to promote a channel in particular or act as their brand ambassador.”

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