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The life of this actor revolved around the character of Ram

Bollywood veteran actor Arun Govil has done a lot of work on the big and small screen. But throughout his career, he did a serial that made him look like God not only on the small screen but also in real life to some extent. The name of this serial was Ramayana. The serial started airing in the year 1987 and was aired till 1988.

After this, it was broadcast on different channels several times. Arun Govil played the role of Ram in this serial and must say that hardly anyone has played the role of Ram like him. Born on 12 January 1958 in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, Arun brought the character to life to such an extent that when the Ramayana started in the village towns, people used to sit with slippers in front of the TV.

When Arun came on screen, people would have folded their hands, and to see this show, From the battery to many jugaadss were used in those times. After the Ramayana, Arun did serials like Basera, Ehsaas, Mashaal, , Mrityunjay and Antaral. Worked on films on the big screen like Muqabla, Kanoon and Dhaal but Ram’s image was always associated in his life.

Apart from acting, Arun also worked for production and direction, but 61-year-old Arun is still asked to play his character through which he got recognition. Arun played the character of Rama in such a way that when he used to go to villages and towns, people touched his feet. Recently, Arun did this role once again.

When Arun Govil returns in the role of Ram again

Arun Govil

You can guess from how excited people are to see Arun Govil as Ram, that a play was organized in Delhi last year in which Arun Govil was to play Ram. The poster of the play was not only well liked but the heavy crowd also reached to watch this play.

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