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The Intruder (Short Film) Starring Ritwika Gupta Is Suspenseful & Gripping

Made at home during the lockdown about an unknown presence in the house.

The Intruder

Picture this – A girl, who stays alone in her posh apartment in Mumbai, suddenly starts to notice something strange about her house, when she returns from work. It makes for a gripping plot, doesn’t it? Very few short films keep you at the edge of your seat and ‘The Intruder’ is definitely one of them. But you know what’s more intriguing? The short film has been shot using a smart phone, in a single day, without additional resources. TV Anchor Ritwika Gupta has not only acted in it, but she also shot the film under the remote directions of her filmmaker fiancé Stendor Sorout (Sten). The duo managed to piece this film together in less than 24 hours for a contest by Shahrukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment but little did they know that it will become so popular online. Without giving away too much about the plot, ‘The Intruder’ cleverly underlines the eeriness of a presence. The film has been shot without unnecessary extras, in a no-frills set-up. The final sequence comes as a surprise which is why audiences are craving for more. Shot at Ritwika’s Andheri residence, the film is suspenseful and well-written.

From setting up the frame to shooting the film, arranging the props, recording sound, keeping continuity and even taking care of hair and make-up, Ritwika managed the entire shoot all by herself. Sten, of course, advised on framing and production. He also edited the film and added the music. A single woman army, Ritwika is also a popular face on Instagram and best known for her weekend TV show where she talks about brands and advertising. Before this, we’ve seen her work on MTV Girls On Top, NDTV Imagine’s Preeto and many digital skits and lifestyle shows across TV channels.

If you have less than 10 minutes in your schedule and want to watch something fresh (a break from TV & your streaming platforms), then you must catch ‘The Intruder’. It is one of the most interesting self-shot films to come out of India during quarantine.

Manoj L


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