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The impact of the show on Ashnoor, she said, ‘It changed my life’

Young actress Ashnoor Kaur of the popular TV serial ‘Patiala Babes’ has been very impressed with the show. She says that the show has changed her life. This show taught her how life can take an unexpected turn and always be prepared for the worst.

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The story has left a big impact on the young actress with the leap. Sharing this experience, Ashnoor says, “The show has given me a life-changing experience. The twists in the story taught me how unpredictable life is and that everything can change in minutes. After her parents’ divorce, she introduced her mother to a new identity and remarried. She saw her mother falling apart again and eventually died in an accident. Minnie’s character has gone through many things. ‘

Let me tell you that the show ‘Patiala Babes’ is a unique story of a mother-daughter relationship. Recently, the show saw a five-year leap, after which Babita and Hanuman died in a car accident. Because of this, Minnie had to leave her photography career and return from Australia, as well as leaving everything, taking care of Arya with the restaurant.

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