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The Great Indian Kapil Show Unveils Uncut Episode 1 Clip Featuring Salman Khan’s Interruption at Riddhima’s Wedding Party – Netflix, Who’s in Charge of Editing the Highlights?

The premiere episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show, featuring Kapil Sharma and his team, recently debuted on Netflix. Unfortunately, it was met with disappointment as the episode felt lackluster with its repetitive stories and jokes.

However, a newly shared unedited clip from the show has sparked curiosity and raised a simple question – who decided to cut out the best parts of the episode, leaving viewers underwhelmed?

The uncut clip from The Great Indian Kapil Show showcases the most entertaining anecdotes from the Kapoors, one after another. These anecdotes are fresh and engaging, leading many to question why they were excluded from the final edit. If this was a deliberate strategy to save the best for a future episode, it would be considered a disappointing and ineffective tactic.

Although nothing can be done about the premiere episode now, it’s worth discussing the brilliance it could have achieved. The humorous stories shared by Ranbir, Riddhima, and Neetu Kapoor were clearly the highlights that were unfortunately left out in the final edit for unknown reasons.

One of the anecdotes features Salman Khan as a bartender at Riddhima’s wedding, causing chaos when guests started throwing their drinks just to have one made by him. Another revelation is that Riddhima had a massive poster of Salman Khan in her room, while Ranbir confessed to having Sanjay Dutt’s poster in his own room. Neetu Kapoor also shared a funny detail about how young Ranbir would dismantle his toys to understand their inner workings, showcasing an animal alter ego.

Kapil Sharma himself had an interesting story to share, recounting an incident where he arrived late for a show in a foreign land. The watchman initially denied him entry for being ten minutes late. However, Kapil cleverly Googled his picture with Ranbir Kapoor and convinced the guard that he was the producer of Sanju, ultimately gaining access.

It’s worth noting that Rajiv Thakur also edited out the entire act from the episode. Fans are encouraged to watch the unedited clip to catch the moments that were unfortunately omitted.

Despite the disappointment surrounding the premiere episode, there is still hope for future episodes of The Great Indian Kapil Show to deliver the entertainment and laughter that viewers eagerly anticipate.

Ziya Khan


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