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The books of authors R Giridharan and Padmaja Bharti deserve to be adapted in the multimedia format

 R Giridharan and Padmaja Bharti

Modern literature is already creating an impact on web series, movies, and tv show production. A lot of novels and plays are being adapted to video formats to reach a wider audience. We have picked two amazing authors – R Giridharan and Padmaja Bharti – whose books deserve to be adapted in the multimedia format. If you are a production house, sign them now!

51-year old R Giridharan from Mumbai churns out murder mysteries both in the form of books and screenplays. A multifaceted personality, he is currently a general manager with the Reserve Bank of India. Having worked in Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Chandigarh, Delhi, and Jaipur, he is also an international sports commentator with All India Radio and has covered many ODIs including the world cup matches. He is an expert panelist on Doordarshan and has anchored many panel discussions and compered shows.

Here is the blurb of R Giridharan’s novel Right Under Your Nose, published by Rupa Publication:

A woman is killed in an accident, but was it an accident?
A scientist is murdered in broad daylight.
Yet no murderer was seen.

One by one a team of scientists on the verge of an important discovery die under mysterious circumstances.

Superintendent Vijay, an ace detective has solved many cases in the past. But this time it’s more than an ordinary investigation as he falls prey to the evil schemes of his rivals in the force. He cannot trust anyone anymore till a journalist Padmini walks into his life.

Vijay’s skills as a detective along with Padmini’s creative intuition and imagination are pitted against a genius who is eliminating every possible lead, right under their nose.

As fear and distrust spread through the city Vijay and Padmini have to nab the murderer, if there is one!

The other author is Padmaja Bharti from Gujarat. She is a fashion designer from NIFT, Kolkata. Writing and painting are among her passions. She is also a trained classical music artist. Recently, she gained popularity as a bestselling author for her books Rhime of Time and Wondering of Indian International Ethics. She has recently launched her third book titled Ethical Economics from history to modern world.

Her books inspire the youth and are genuine thought provocating pieces of literature. The messages that these books convey, deserve to reach more and more people, and video and audio production for the same can push the reach up. Padmaja has been rightly adjudged by Newstracklive amongst the top Indian authors. Her thoughts are clear and her writings can be magical for some of the readers.

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