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The Bombay High Court comes as rescue to Karan Johar

Ever since the AIB Roast came into limelight, it has been debated and discussed a lot in the media circles. It has been castigated for being vulgar, rude and weird, while even was defended with freedom of speech. The men at the heart of its controversy were the top stars Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor and popular filmmaker Karan Johar who were taken to task by many lambasting them for carrying out the act in public.

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Considering the opposition for the AIB roast, there were people who filed FIRs against the three in different police stations for using vulgar language in public particularly in Lucknow by an activist from his group under the section 294 of Indian Penal Code for using abusing, obscene and vulgar language in public. They could be jailed under the said section for around three years.  However, Bombay High Court has taken things in its hand and asked the Police not to take the said action against the actors and the filmmaker after hearing the same.

The Bombay High Court has intimidated the state government to look into the matter by putting forth the two petitions that can bring in the said FIRs in the court. It has also clubbed the other FIRs registered in Mumbai and Pune about the same case. Though Karan Johar and the two stars Arjun and Ranveer were seen some relief by the Bombay High Court, but this seems to be temporary as they can be put behind the bars.

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