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The Bollywood Version Of ‘Friends’ in association with SRK, Kajol & Others came out to be a Bizarre April Fool’s Prank


The only one day the world becomes absolutely bizarre and totally unreliable is on April fool’s day because you don’t have an idea who will challenge you on what account. In fact, with the media floating n number of things round the globe, people have no idea as to what content can be a prank.

This exactly was that happened with most publications, websites and TV channels who tried adopting the same style on the 1st, including the comedy channel, Comedy Central.

Comedy Central featured the most popular show FRIENDS with an added flavor of horror. The show was planned to be aired for 12 hours, from 6 pm till 6 am but, the prank they took off with was simply hilarious and harsh off.

The channel took up one character from each episode of the pretty popular show FRIENDS and dubbed his/her voice in Hindi, while the rest kept speaking in English, as per the original series.

This concept of watching Friends being dubbed in Hindi has certainly gone as an acquired taste. The FRIENDS episode of Joey going on a date with a girl who kept fishing food from his plate with the iconic line said by him, “Joey doesn’t share food!” was still there but, the only difference was that Joey’s character was speaking in Hindi, while everyone else in English.

So instead it is said, ‘Joey khana nahi banthta!’. For a while, all this seemed alien but, the actual truth is that this was all a part of the bizarre prank played on the April Fool day.

The voice overs for this FRIENDS prank were donned with Joey’s dubbed voice was Shah Rukh Khan’s while, Monica’s voice was dubbed by Kajol, Pheobe’s was dubbed by Kangana Ranaut, Chandler’s by Saif Ali Khan, Ross’s by Amitabh Bachan and Rachel’s by Sonam Kapoor and they all took turns to speak in Hindi and be a part of the prank.

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