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The Avengers: Infinity War with Roaring Success: What’s the secret?

Avengers Infinity War
Avengers Infinity War

The last Hollywood release in India called The Avengers: Infinity War has witnessed a huge collection in the country making more than 200 crore within two weeks. With such a huge collection, the film has shattered the business of many B Town films in India. Thus sending an alarm bell in Bollywood. This has also made megastars like Big B publicly asking the Indians to patronize the Bollywood movies to protect the Hindi Cinema from Hollywood’s depredations. The fact of the matter is that Hollywood films have marred a number of  film industries all across the world and in some way or the other it has hampered the B Town as well.

The latest was seen with the film called The Avengers which happened to be a big-budget extravaganza. Thanks to the inventiveness and the visual appeal backed with a great deal of publicity that has worked for the film’s success in India. So, when the Hollywood films are announced its their budget, star cast and other details that govern the success. The makers have their own publicity budget that helps in deciding upon the footfall of the movies released world wide including in India. They follow a similar pattern of promoting their film and choose subjects that can be easily sold to the audience.

The superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America and Spiderman from the US are more popular in India than the local superheroes like Krissh or any other man. That’s not the case with some particular subject based films in B Town but also the other movies as well, which keep on coming and attracting the audience. Be it the Lords of Ring, Infinity War, Independence Day or Titanic, their make and brand can be easily hamper the quality and integrity of the films made in Bollywood in a big way.

To put in simple words, the value of the Hollywood films seems to be expanding with the passing day and has reached to its zenith when it has become simple for these movies to beat the Bollywood. It’s time now that Bollywood films also change their strategy and quality of film making to sustain against the Hollywood films.

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