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The A-10 Superwatch by Aventi brings heat to its high end competitors.

Jeetu Likhar



Superwatch by Aventi brings

As rave reviews of its premier collection pour in, Aventi is set to create a class of its own among the world’s top luxury watch brands.

Luxury watches have become the symbol for the social elite, as prices push far out of

reach of the majority. Even an “entry level” Rolex these days will set you back seven thousand dollars, at least. For the watches that pull out all stops, the price skyrockets to hundreds of thousands of dollars, some even millions.

This forces tourbillons, annual calendars and other such movements into a category of luxury that most of the world can only want, but never know.

One upstart brand began with a single question, why?

Aventi has taken on the challenge of engineering a superwatch, that meets the expectation

of quality and performance without the exorbitant price. Aventi designers draw inspiration from the look and feel from another luxury industry that most will never be able own: the supercar.

“A watch is more than a time telling instrument. I look at watches as works of art, created meticulously,” explains CEO Hannu Siren, “A timepiece is a reflection of the wearer’s personality. With Aventi, our aim is to create the same rush you feel behind the wheel of a supercar on your wrist.”

Aventi has accomplished what many in the watchmaking world declared impossible. A two-barrel tourbillon, custom-made for the expressed purpose of offering quality at a

price that’s within reason. The exhibition style case places its powerful tourbillon movement front and center, boasting a frequency of 28800 vph and an impressive power reserve of 72 hours.

The watch itself is made from titanium, for a build that is sturdy yet lightweight, the same material used in today’s supercars. Cerakote protects the case; a military-grade ceramic-based finish that allows you to wear it daily without the fear of scratches and bumps. Completing the package, this superwatch’s hands, markers and detailing are filled with Swiss Super-LumiNova, a lume that shines ten times brighter than most lumes, replicating the feeling of a supercar cockpit at night.

As an additional nod to legendary automakers, Aventi offers a color selection often seen in its luxury sports car counterparts. These watches are available in colors that include Raw Titanium, Rosso Red, Riviera Blue, Nardo Grey, Modena Yellow, Viola Purple, Nero Black and Pearl White.

By sourcing materials outside of the industry norms and staying committed to its namesake which is Italian for “Having”, Aventi manages to offer a truly luxurious timepiece that traditional watchmaking channels quoted hundreds of thousands of dollars to make.

“I’m very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish,” concludes Hannu, “for an incredible price, you can own a V12 for your wrist.”

Through its avant-garde approach to combining traditional horology with supercar materials and engineering, Aventi is out to disrupt an industry that is afraid to change. The new era of watch microbrands is here.

Be a part of the movement by supporting Avent’s crowdfunding campaign set to launch April 2020. For more information:

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