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Tevar Trailer review

Tevar Trailer review

As you dig deep in the trailer of Tevar released recently, you would find some exquisite action of Arjun Kapoor along with the glossy, colorful and picturesque Sonakshi Sinha who is seen fitting right in her customary damsel over the distress avatar along with Manoj Bajpayee seen in the devilish character. All these are seen in avatar, which makes the movie very much apparent. However, this can be called as a staple and standard commercial pot boiler having a hero who seems to be nicely guided and in the machismo. Soon you would notice the dialogues dominating, which simply disappoints as the trailer is unlike any other movie trailer of Bollywood bigwigs like Salman, Akshay Kumar or Ajay Devgn’s movie.  It is however, dismaying to see Arjun Kapoor, a talented and bright actor of B Town is being wasted in a movie, following the footsteps of others, which seems to be a futile effort.

Indeed he seems doing good these usual things, but with this he is seen trying the old things, which are there in B Town movies. The newer should change the trend in Bollywood rather than turning the copy cats in order to attract more crowds to please them. Therefore the opening of the trailer wherein he is seen jumping from one terrace to the other is certainly not new. The lad from Kapoor Khandan very well knows to deliver such crisp and kind punches the right way, while the trailer was seen using the same in a big way. On the other side, the Tevar of Sonakshi is simply seen like a glimpse wherein she is seen saying a dialogue, while she is seen incredible in few of the scenes shown in the trailer, especially in the one wherein she is seen dancing in new beauty with ethnic dress.

The trailer of Tevar simply has left no stone unturned to give the look and feel of the movie very much intense, while in a big way, it is successful in doing so. Perhaps in the complete movie, the director would certainly have smarter things to explore along with showcasing a perfect on screen chemistry of the leading couple of B Town. Indeed, the audience is able to sense the same with the kiss of Arjun to the forehead of Sona, which makes the scene very much cutesy. The two appeared very much gorgeous as the duo come together. If the director is able to spark the right romance intensity in the two, you can expect a perfect love story coming out from Tevar rather than the usual action thing from. Lastly, if you take the crux of this trailer, Tevar can be called any movie coming out of blue with the same old story and action. There doesn’t seem to be any novelty in it, however, if the movie is being made via the patent intelligence of Amit Sharma, you can certainly expect to see something tangible in it. Wait and Watch, how things go once the movie hits the theatre.

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