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Tevar Movie Review : Catch the terrific performance of Arjun Kapoor with a different attitude

tevar review

This Friday, 8th January 2015, we have just one movie hitting the theatres – Tevar, which is perhaps the only big release after Aamir Khan Starrer – Peekay (PK). The main leads in the film include Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Manoj Bajpayee, while is directed by Amit R Sharma and scripted by Gunasekhar. The movie is basically a remake of a Telugu based film called Okkadu, which was a big blockbuster in south having Mahesh Babu in the lead role. The production comes from Boney Kapoor and his brother Sanjay along with slew of people. The music comes from Sajid-Wajid along with Imran Khan and the Background Score comes via Clinton Cerejo. Now, let’s have the insight of the movie starting with the plot or story of the film.

In a small town based in North India, we have a young and normal guy having no direction in his life except to play Kabbadi called Pinto Shukla. This man lives in his world and cares the least about others. However, despite being an ordinary man he never hesitates to get into a number of extraordinary situations. One day he out in other town for his Kabaddi match, which turns out to be a life changing event for him. There he decides he would make his career in this sport. So, amidst his career in Kabbadi, he comes across a girl called Radhika who is running away from the clutches of Gajendra Singh the local goon and politician of that area.

Gajendra Singh is a fierce faction leader and is deeply in love with this lady whom Pintoo rescues but she doesn’t want to marry this man. Pinto then brings in to his town and plans to send her abroad to secure from one sided love of Gajendra. Then you have another twist, when Radhika falls in love with this young man Pintoo, and the very same man’s father is the top cop of the city who is given the case of finding this girl as per the orders of a corrupt home minister. Pintoo then conceals his lady love in a secured place, so, what happens next is worthy to find, whether Gajendra finds his lost love, or will Pintoo saves Radhika and achieves his target in his Kabbadi career, all turn out to be the crux of the story.

Now, check the performance of the actors in the lead roles. Arjun in the role of a college student and Kabaddi Champion has simply excelled in his performance. All these years, he has grown a lot giving finishing touches to his acting skills. Though earlier it was rumoured that his role in Tevar as Pintoo is of an angry young man, but as you watch the movie you realise, he has played a different character with utter dexterity giving really an appreciating performance. In fact, he was much suited in the character and showcased some of the best attitude or Tevar in the film, which becomes worth catching. Next comes Sonakshi Sinha, she is an ace actress, who has carved her niche to perform the best by understanding the character very well followed by playing it with utter perfection. In a sense, she had a flawless performance in the film and together the kind of on-screen chemistry she has shared with Arjum seems very much incredible.

This is Arjun Kapoor’s first film with his father and he has proved that he has taken his assigned job too keenly. Last but not the least if you talk about Manoj Bajpayee in the role of a baddie, he has once again impressed with his performance. Remember his performance as a baddie in films like Gangs of Wasseypur, Satyagraha and Shootout At Wadala, you hardly require anyone to vouch for his captivating performance. Talking about the script, the film starts with a slow pace giving you too many loo breaks; however, as time passes by, the film keep on becoming too engaging making a worthy experience for the audience. In fact, Manoj in the role of a baddie has often overshadowed Arjun, no wonder he has ample amount of experience, which makes the character he plays as flawless.

Talking about the music, it comes from the duo music directors – Sajid-Wajid, who has tried their best to give new buzzword as they sing along in Tevar. The songs and music have received mixed reviews still can have the buzz for it in the list of chartbuster at various music channels and FM stations. Nonetheless, the songs seem enjoying, and you would love the item number of Shrutti Hassan in Tevar. Rest other aspects like script, screenplay, locations, editing, etc, remained professional unlike any other big releases of Boney and Sanjay Kapoor.

Tevar Movie Review  – Last Word

The movie has three pillars – Arjun- Sona and Manoj. The trio has left no stone unturned to give you one of the best value for entertainment in the movie coming the first in the year of 2015. Arjun you will find shining in action avatar, bashing goons and breaking their bones not like any arrogant goon but a man with positive nature. Sona in her character of a damsel in distress too was superb and above all the kind of impact Manoj Bajpai featuring rowdy politician very much skilfully. The movie has everything, right from action, romance, love and comedy, which anyone would want from any typical Bollywood movie. In nutshell, Tevar can be called a big release of 2015.

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