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Teraa Surroor Movie Review

Teraa Surroor Movie Review

This Friday though you have a couple of releases but Teraa Surroor seems to be a major release in B Town. The film starring Himesh Reshammiya and Farah Karimaee in the pivotal roles is directed by Shawn Arranha. The film is produced by Vipin Reshammiya and Sonia Kapoor under the banner of HR Musik Limited in association with T-Series. The fill also has the veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah along with Shekhar Kapur, Kabir Bedi and Monica Dogra in the lead roles. The film is a sequel of the 2007 film Aap Kaa Surroor. The film is shot in Dublin, Ireland and its vicinity areas and is an action romantic flick. Time to dig in deep to get the crux of the film as under:


The main plot of this film revolves around the idea of love and betrayal. It narrates the story of Raghu (played by Himesh) who is an assassin who is known for the emotional side to him. He goes to Dublib in order to save the love of his beloved Tara, which is played by Farah Karimaee who is seen getting framed into a conspiracy. The film has an interesting star cast that plays good characters in the film. The other vital character in the film is AA Khan who the Police Commissioner played by Kabir Bedi is known for his commitment and patriotism. He leaves no stone unturned to solve his cases. The other character is Shekhar Kapur who is playing the character of Indian Ambassador called Rajeev Kaul to Ireland. He is known for carving the best way out even in the most difficult situations. On the other side, we have Monica Dogra playing the character of a strong headed criminal lawyer called Elle Jardan. Naseer plays a notorious criminal who is known for breaking any jail to flee away. Together you have some interesting plot for the film.


The script of the film seems a bit different adding too much of effects, twists and turns, but digging deep into the film, it appears to be predictable to a great extent. Unlike his previous film, Himesh seems to have faltered on the same place. Too much boasting of his character in the film with some really indigestible kind of dialogues, so unlike The Xpose film, you would find the same awfully self-centered character in TS who is less convincing as an action hero than his kicks and punches leave his counterparts rolling in pair. Its obvious to see such stunts after all HR has worked hard to get his six pack abs, but has failed miserably giving odd roles to the veteran actors. Perhaps HR loves to repeat the same old habits don’t really seem to learn from the committed mistakes.

The film has lost some good actors giving limited roles unnecessarily blowing the character of HR out of proportion in the quest to make her beloved from the conspiracy in which she is framed with. Perhaps the film has wasted some good actors ousting them trivial the lead character blowing out of proportion. Now, let’s talk about the performances of the lead actor and others in the film. There are too many of the actors to discuss in this review. Well, starting with Himesh Reshammiya who plays Raghu in it, in few words, another failed efforts to do something, which is not his expertise. He could be good composing music and singing, but acting no away. Much of the sequences have overacting of this man simply carried out to overshadow his character on others. However, in terms of performance, he is lagging behind too far.

Farah Karimi the Tara in the film seems to be added only to add the heat with her backless sequences and sensual love making scenes. You have loads of heated scenes that have raised eye balls since the promos have released. The decent performances are from the veterans like Naseeruddin Shah, Kabir Bedi and Shekhar Kapoor, though they were overburdened by Raghu, yet their expertise in acting and performance can be vividly felt over the silver screen, which HR can only wish for.

Music, Direction and Screenplay

Music has been good for the film amidst some of the best locations and picturesque background of Dublin, Ireland and other places. Few of the songs are soaring high over the chartbuster list, which calls us the credit for HR. Direction too could be called as decent but no one can manage HR for many reasons, while other elements like Screenplay, editing and locations to be okay.

Teraa Surror – Last Word

The film Teraa Surror is boasting tale of HR, who unlike his previous films has tried to blow his character out of proportion making the film too much predictable and revealing other flaws as well. However, the other actors especially the veterans remained good. The music is okay, but the script lacks the right spirit and letter, which HR had worked hard to make it different and unique. All in all, it is similar in the lines of his previous film The Xpose, but thing he should remember, history repeats itself but every time the cost goes on a higher side.

Rating – 2.5

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