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Telly folks shares academic memories of Republic Day.

MANISH GOPLANI: On 26th January our celebration was with parade in school and cultural activities and events. I used to take part in most of the games and activities.

NAUSHEEN ALI SARDAR: During school I was in the singing choir singing patriotic  songs at flag hoisting. Shaanti teacher used to make us practice for one month everyday after class for the main event.

KUNAL SINGH: In school I used to participate in parade and was very active. I Remember the sports organised and I used to be a football player. There also use to be cultural plays.

ROOP DURGAPAL: During school it used to be a special day as i was in Army school. We would dress up in all white uniforms & my friends would organize at my place & then we would enjoy the Republic day parade. Patriotic songs were sung & Sweets were distributed. Best part used to be a half day school & rest of the day we would play & just have fun with friends.

GIAA MANEK: I remember saluting the national flag in the school hearing my fellow classmates singing patriotic songs and watching the dance programmes that take place in the school for the same .This day makes me value our freedom even more than we generally do.Cant thank all the freedom fighters enough who sacrificed their lives in order to gain freedom for India .

MAHIKA SHARMA: I used to wake up early in the winters and get ready to see parade in school. There use to be flag hoisting and national anthem. And we use to get toffees and a sandwich after the assembly in school.

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