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Telly Celebs talks about Children’s day!

Children day
Children day

MRUNAL JAIN: My childhood in Mumbai was excellent. I have vivid memories of my father taking us out on weekends. I used to have badam milk and vanilla ice cream and used to cry if I was not given that. My father used to drop me to school. I was very possessive of my mother Vidya Jain too. I wish those carefree days can come again.

MOHIT DAGA: I was a naughty child. I remember eating mithais and chocolates by taking out of freeze quietly. I used to love taking chocolates for all my friends on my birthday. It was a feeling of pride. I used to get delighted to see happiness on everyone’ s face while distributing chocolates. The memory of it still makes me feel nostalgic.

AJAY CHAUDHARY: I was a prankster in kinder garden school too.. My mother used to pack home cooked food in my tiffin and I used to give it to my best friend and eat his tiffin instead of mine. It was so much fun. I used to enjoy in rains too. Mom used to stop but I still used to get wet. Those days are only memories now.

VIVAN DSENA : I was active sports boy even in school. I used to play football very actively and used to win always. The winning streak foundation was laid in school only. I was always encouraged to play sports by my family and teachers.  I remember playing football in my area as well as school and those memories are still fresh.

PRATYUSHA BANERJEE: I remember I loved shopping even when I was young. My father and mother were so cooperative that they never denied me for anything. I was pampered child. I used to get whatever I want. I used to gather pocket money too for my shopping.

MAHIKA SHARMA: It use to be fun, I remember my days in Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, tinsukia we use to have a big ground and we were left behind to enjoy our-self. Even there use to be dance, singing and fancy dress competition. Even at home, I use to get gifts even from my parents too.

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