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December is said to be most awaited month because we belive on the tales of santa bringing gift for us. And its already Cristmas ahead. Here our telly celeb shares funny and emotional gifts they wish santa to gift them.

GIAA MANEk: This year I want Santa to give me an amazing script and role to work on. I belive this would be a perfect gift for me and even my fans who message me asking for my next project. Rest would be smile on each face and peace around.

NITI TAYLOR: Bollywood life is in beautiful fairytale so many emotions are felt happiness excitement nervousness anger love dance and lots of Masti but in the end all live happily ever. And what I want for Christmas is when I wake up on Christmas Day Santa please gift me with height and miss universe crown very small gift.

TANYA SHARMA: We human beings have so many wishes to get come true and comparing to boys we girls do have so so many. And my desires and fantasy for shoping never ends. So, I want a shopping mall from Santa with all latest stock and also good health for my family and friends.

MAHIKA SHARMA: I am thinking if santa would bring some intresting magical powers for me which can help me making my life full of comfort. I just ended creating tweeter account for myself and I am blessed with 18k followers within 3 days and I am taking the love and support as my cristmas gift.

SAURABH RAJ JAIN: The kid in me always want chocolates and toffees every Christmas, will be happy if I get home baked cake with it. That would make my christmas day yummy and exciting. Other side would always pray for hapiness and success for me and all others.

ANKUSH ARORA: I want to sing and perform with different kinds of bands and musicians from different countries that is only my wish I want santa to make true for me. I am already blessed with ‘yeh vada Raha’ ZeeTv show as I am one to be the hero of it. This Christmas would love to welcome santa and ask gift for all of us.

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