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Telly celeb talks about Diwali celebration

DIVYANKA TRIPATHI: I support noise free and eco-friendly Diwali. This Diwali for 4-5 days I will be  visiting my friends in Mumbai but on Diwali I will be in Bhopal. The only Diwali ritual but which is close to my heart is visiting my Dada ji’s place where entire family gathers. Every year My Dada ji does all the Pooja and we all actually queue up to take prasad and aashirwad from him. This year too I am looking forward to do the same.

VIVIAN DSENA: I celebrate every festival with my family. Basically, every festival is family time. My wife and I enjoy decorating our house and prepare for Laxmi puja. Every year I gift something to my wife or buy something for my parents. I pray to the Goddess to keep us all blessed. I want to say everyone that we should believe in noise free Diwali. The crackers not only create pollution they also disturb our peace and that of the animals too. Dangerous cracker burning should be banned  and only small ones should be used.

SIDHANT GUPTA: When I was a kid , I always used to look forward to Diwali firstly coz I love fire crackers and most importantly the gifts I used to get from all my relatives , and each time I was offered a gift I had to reluctantly say no coz of my mother standing next to giving me looks to say NO and in the end I know I’m going to take it lol. Some really fond memories which makes me nostalgic ! Yes I miss all of that being in mumbai away from family but I do have friends here who are very very dear to me , so I’m looking forward to spending my Diwali with them. Prayers followed by dinner and cards!!

GAURAV KHANNA: This time i am celebrating diwali in mumbai itself as i m not goin to my hometown..i wud hv fun wit my friends diwali is my fav festival..i might also learn to play sm card games frm them this time hopefully..and eat a lot of diwali sweets.

RUBINA DILAIK: I prefer noiseless dewali. Praying for well being of myself and everyone close to me.

RATI PANDEY: This time I am celebrating diwali in mumbai…no such celebration but yes I have started my Dhanteras by gifting some of my near and dear friends this time. So this diwali will be dedicated to some of my closed friends and loved ones. I will be joining my family after diwali.

TANYA SHARMA: I am gonna celebrate green Diwali this year! I just want to tell everyone that fill ur home with lights and prayers not with fumes and noise 🙂 have a safe Green Diwali

MAHIKA SHARMA: I prefer noise free Diwali. Mumbai and most of the state suffers from noise and pollution. So I think both should be limited. We do pooja of mother laxmi and take blessings and I love playing cards ending up with tasty food.

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