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Telly Actors tips on proposing without Saying “Love You”

Valentines day arrives in few more days after the Propose Day, This beautiful & romantic valentine week starts with Rose day the very next day is Propose day. This week is for all the lovers who are ready to share their feelings with their valentine. Share the pure form of Valentines love with your lovers and enjoy these days together. Most of the people will be sharing gifts, flowers, cards, etc. Each and everyone will be surprising their lovers with unique gifts and saying I LOVE YOU, but our telly actors share tips to propose without those three common magical words.

Love You
Love You

SEHBAN AZIM: All you have to do is give as much love as possible and care so that the other person can feel the love without even saying it. It’s about making someone believe that how much you love that person without saying the  those clichéd words “I love you”

TINA DATTA: I would love if someone propose me by giving a red rose and intresting would be if he makes it by himself using paper or something. Red rose is symbolic of ultimate love. Love doesn’t always need words.

ANKIT GERA: I would gift her wrapped silver ring and make her open by putting a blindfold on her eyes. Girls always understand the language of jewellery.

AYAZ AHMED: I am filmy and cheesy. So I would definitely do something cheesy. I would send her a box of pizza with lot of cheese (Only if she likes pizza) and would write on it with tomato sauce “Will you date me? Or is too cheesy”

MAHIKA SHARMA: Dhichkyaaon doom doom, really a full of fun song from movie, Chashme Baddoor. It would be best if someone try concept like this to propose me. He could make the time full of fun and laugh.

LOVEY SASAN: The more love, care and respect not only for me but also for the people related to me. The gentle way of impressing me and make me feel that he is only made for me. As a whole to make me feel that I need him everyway. That would be my desire.

MANISH GOPLANI : According to me if there is connection between you and your partner. If you guys truly feel something for each other and ofcourse if its me, I will not just say love you to her. I will hold her hands pull her. Look into her eyes and pass on my words through the touch and eyes just like a wire less connection.

NITI TAYLOR: I think send me a dress and say, get ready I am waiting down for you. And when I reach down my favorite car or even if it’s not my favorite car. I go and this very beachy place beautiful lighting and decorated with flowers and mirchi light and this couch type on the ground , I sit and then there’s a projector and our favorite movie is playing. And suddenly movie is paused and music is playing and he ask me for my hand, I give it and then we dance. He doesn’t have to say I love you. He just made me feel special and I understood that he love me.

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