Technical expert Rashed Ali Almansoori perfectly explains how social media creates hype for gadgets

Rashed ali

Social media is undoubtedly the most unpredictable place which can make you an overnight star. All it depends on is some great content. One of the reputed technical experts, Rashed Ali Almansoori is a well-known social media specialist based in Abu Dhabi. Always interested in spreading technical awareness to his followers in the Middle East, he has been sharing content about tech and how it has grown drastically in the last few years. The 29-year old is also a professional lens maker for social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

By sharing relevant content, his presence on social media has seen significant growth since the last year. Besides this, he is also a technical blogger and a digital creator. According to him, technology always remains in the top market trends as several latest innovations are happening every day. Rather than creating content in quantity, he believes to focus on quality. “Audience always want to consume the authentic content. Never take the viewers for granted as they are the ones who decide which content works best for them”, said Rashed.

Besides this, he also opened up about how things on social media get hyped even before the launch of any product. He said, “Even when the launch of any product has not happened, many reviewers and tech geeks create videos about the specifications of the product. For instance, there are thousands of articles and videos already about the rumoured specifications of iPhone 12 which has not even launched.” Apart from creating content, Rashed Ali Almansoori also holds expertise in the app and website development.

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