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Tanvi Azmi loses role in All in Well

Tanvi Azmi has been for her dexterity while working in a number of movies and TV serials. Currently she is working in a period Drama called Bajirao Mastani, which is a Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie. The two veteran actresses were scheduled to work in a Umesh Shukla’s movie called All Is Well, however, Tanzi is dropped for the said project, while Supriya Pathak would be continuing with the said movie. The reasons are obvious Tanvi has lost her hair and turned bald while doing the period drama, which makes Umesh to drop her out for his upcoming movie All Is Well.

The movie All Is Well happens to be an Australian based film, which will be made in the overseas land. The role, which Tanvi Azmi was supposed to play, is the role of the mother of one of the lead roles of the film. The movie is likely to hit the floors this 15th and it has to be winded up within three months. Tanvi Azmi would likely to take time to see her hair back on her head and filmmakers cannot just wait to see this happening as the film is scheduled to release it on 3rd of July.

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