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Tanmay Bhat’s Fun Video over Legends Sachin vs Lata: Is it a Provoke or a Joke!


Before we add some light over it, can you tell me how do you feel when someone makes fun of yours? Ok when it comes to friends then? I know many question might be rolling over your mind, lets clear this out. Making fun of your friends or near ones sometimes may give you happiness however if this crosses limits anyone can lose his/her temper, how about when this fun comes to one of our beloved legend? You know what I mean don’t you? Indeed its nothing but the title for which we all are here for and the person who has actually triggered the controversy is none other than a renowned AIB’s co-founder Tanmay Bhat, who’ve touched a spark in between the crude petrol i.e. the audience.

To start with him, then we all are quite aware of his hilarious videos related to AIB’s which picked up rapid fire on the floor since couple of months back however now he has come up with something really pinning with a frank statement targeting to the two legends of India namely Lata Mangeshkar and the one n only Sachin Tendulkar via a hilarious video, have look glance on the same below.. and of course the Bollywood reaction was something unbeatable all the followers, stars and last but not the least fans fired on him like anything on social media, to which he responded with politely, have a look here..

“The joke is not that the person being made fun of is old. The joke is that this person wouldn’t actually do that. The joke is that I’m on Snapchat and bickering with another person who is not on Snapchat,” Tanmay added. After a while he again added “Lata Mangeshkar is a legend, but that shouldn’t excuse her from jokes. In fact, especially because she’s a legend, we should make fun of her. In fact, it’s in bad taste to make fun of someone who’s less powerful,” – As per the sources.

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