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Tamanchey Movie Preview


Cast : Richa ChaddhaNikhil Dwivedi

In one sentence, Tamanchey can be termed as an over baked story though it is among the real one. In this movie, you would be watching a love story of a gangster, which seems to be blossoming in the silent criminal underworld. This movie can be called as the most sensual sizzler for its efforts to uncover some of the most controversial love story, which seems to have triggered outside India but seems to have come to an end in the home country – India. Well, it would be hard to believe that the movie carries the same old love story between an overseas don called Abu Salem with Monica Bedi based in India.

It’s been just few years when the love story between the don and Indian actress has been in air and thus turned out to be the talk of the town. The story has all the twist and turns unlike discovered in the B Town movie. The kind of vibes and controversy witnessed in the movie really seemed incredible to believe, which remained for long time in the short term memory of the live audience called the masses of India. Though Monica has announced her breakup with the gangster in many of her interviews found in the media, however, her links with the don has been always the issue of discussion and debate in the society. Hence making a movie on a life of these people in the bad book can be an interesting affair, which the producer like Producer Suryaveer Singh Bhullar seems to be enjoying.

The said love story has everything, right from the controversy, love angle, romance and the elements, which are unleashed in any happening love story of the movie. Monica has been vociferous in declaring that she has nothing with the don and that making a movie on their lives would be a weird idea to try out as no one seems to know the fact in between the two. Yet, the producer Suryaveer Singh Bhullar seems to have taken all the initiative and embarked with a movie called Tamanchey. Now, you would catch up the Hate Story actor Nikhil Dwivedi playing the role of Abu Salem and the sensual Richa Chadda seen in some hot action.

Nikhik is committed to play some of the best performance, hence was even seen investing some time in jail along with certain mobs to understand the character and play in a right way. Similarly Richa Chadda was also seen too excited to play the character the right way so that she can play her character the best. The movie Tamanchey, which is hitting tomorrow in the theatres, is likely to have a good impact with some of the most sensual and bold scenes of Richa and Nikhil, in fact, some of the hot scenes are among the boldest ones, which are hard to find in the earlier movies. Well, the fact is you can really have good time watching this criminal romantic movie, with some cool actions and hot scenes of the two.

Script Aanalysis

The script seems to be the same as seen in the love story of Abu Salem and Monica Bedi, which would be added with a couple of masala elements making it different and interesting to catch up at the theaters. Navneet Behal, the director has left no stone unturned to keep the movie alive and interesting for his audience. Most of the locations of the movie is being shot at Northern part of India, which makes it a low budget movie, however, the script still has the force to impress the audience. The story line seems to be a bit different wherein you can find a middle class teenager heading to a bigger town to complete his education, however, soon end up landing into the underworld.

As time passes away, he carve his niche in order to become a skilled gangster to have his great influence in the society and thus enjoys his robust brand in the market. Just when he has everything, right from muscle power to money and influence, he encounters a lady who happens to be a B Town actress and soon the two falls in love. Though the girl is unknown about this man’s background and hence seen loving him with her heart and soul, however, the twist comes when the reality is dawned to the lady. This is an interesting part to check.

Now, to watch it or not would depend upon the fact that in which class do you belong. If you have been knowing and chasing the story of Monica and Abu Salem then it would be a worthy choice to catch the movie, if you find such subjects boring then going to get the glimpse of this infamous affair may not be a right choice, you can catch up the Kick fever, which still seem to be dominating over the Box office.

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