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Talwars continue protest against the film ‘Rahasya’

Talwars protest against Rahasya'

Indian Board of Film Certification recently filed an affidavit that stated that the movie Rahasya had no similarities with the Aarushi Talwar murder case. Being directed by filmmaker Manish Gupta, the movie Rahasya was in the limelight owing to the protests by the family of the deceased, Aarushi Talwar. The affidavit by the court came as a relief to the filmmaker. However, his relief did not last for long. When the Talwar family saw the preview of the movie, Rahasya, they were not satisfied with the statement of the board. They have decided to carry on their efforts, legal and otherwise, that will help stall the release of this upcoming movie.

Vandana Talwar, the sister of dentist Rajesh Talwar saw the movie on behalf of Rajesh, his brother and Nupur Talwar, her sister-in-law, stated that they will definitely challenge the claims of the Censor Board. Reportedly, Rajesh Talwar and his wife, Nupur Talwar, are serving a life sentence for the double murder case of Aarushi, their daughter, and their domestic help, Hemraj. Vandana further asserted that she cannot reveal the scenes that have affirmed this decision of the family. This is because she has signed an affidavit that bars her from disclosing any details. However, she was affirmative that the family will take the case forward.

 This case hearing will be held for a second time in the Bombay High Court on 17th of this April. For the uninitiated, the Talwars had earlier approached the court for stalling the release of the movie, Rahasya that has been produced by UVI Films Production Ltd. They had stated that the movie was based on twisted facts that surrounded the death of their daughter, Aarushi. When the Censor Board released a statement of no similarities, the couple requested a screening for family member, which revealed that there are more than 100 similarities, as stated by them.

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