Tal Revivo a man with many feathers in his hat

Tal Revivo was born and brought up in Israel. He did his schooling and started his army service. After completing three years of his service, he then headed to study in a business school and soon got into a new world that made him experiment and lead a life on his own terms. He always knew he had to tread a different path exploring the world and doing things that can meet his aspirations and desires. He started exploring the world by traveling and his first biggest trip was to South America. However, before he headed to it, he got his first DSLR, which soon commenced his journey in the creative world.

He then made travel his passion moving to countries like Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia to name a few for six months. During his travel, all he did was to capture as many photos he could and then came the idea of selling them in the Israeli market. This kicked off his love for digital marketing and it formally came in 2012 when he fell in love with Instagram. He kept on posting some of his photos, which raised the eyebrows of a few brands back in his home country and they started approaching them to head their digital marketing positions to promote their brands in the social media.

He then devoted his time in brand agencies like MCM Entertainment, which helped him to work on digital content for a number of brands including Durex, Sano, Samsung and many more. He worked on different profiles like creative direction and filmmaking. He then embarked with his own business working as a consultant giving services to many brands to promote them over the social media and other web platforms to make and nourish them in the web landscape. His experiments on Instagram helped him grow his business. He worked with several brands like Tommy, G star, Factory 54, Celio, Dsquared2, Levi’s and many more with creativity and helped them reach the top.

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