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Tabla Beats create the rhythm of growth for budding Musician Shahbad Karan

Indian Classical music has held prominence in governing the inherent choices and tastes we develop. Be it a softly strung sitar, a melodious veena, or a dramatic tabla, all of these are played at the best and the worst of our festivities and occasions. They play a vital role in setting the mood, creating an atmosphere of joy or sorrow, and invoking an emotional depth in the listener. 

Many legends have come and gone since time immemorial, from Tansen in Akbar’s courts to Zakir Hussain to modern times, Musicians have influenced audiences. In these times, budding musicians are greatly encouraged and honed for their talent. 

A legend-in-making that we shall find out more about today, is Shahbad Karan. A young tabla player, Karan has made quite a name for himself in the industry. His genius is reflected in his records and his dedication shines through every single time. He has a youtube channel, (the link for which can be found here.)

Shahbad Karan youtube channel has several videos and playlists of him playing varied types of ‘taals’ and beats. Taal Keharva, and Taal Dadra are a few of the many that he has mastered. Being interested in musical instruments right since his childhood, Karan was awestruck by the tabla and his growing interest led him to learn and master it at a very young age.

His dedication has now garnered a huge number of fans. It is his passion for Indian Classical music that has contributed to keeping our culture alive today. His hard work and effort have shined through and have brought him under the spotlight where he has never failed his listeners.  

It is a widely articulated idea that classical music is fading with a barge in of western instruments. However, with musicians like Shahbad Karan, it is sure that the musical future of the Indian classical music genre is in safe hands and will surely, sooner rather than later, grow and prosper in the right direction.

Manoj L


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