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Why Sussanne Khan on Divorced Hrithik Roshan?

Its been two years or so when Hrithik Roshan and his former wife designer Sussanne Khan have separated. The fact is they have not spoken about the same in the public media. However, just recently, she was seen speaking about their separation. The couple have been together for a decade of so and they officially got divorced in 2014. Recently in an interview, she was seen speaking about the real cause of the separation. She said that they had reached to a point in their relationship where things have gone bad and she didn’t really want to stay in a false relationship despite being good friends.

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The duo have two kids while the couple has claimed that their parenthood has not been affected despite not getting out with the kids to hangouts with kids. She said the former couple has been respectful to each other whereas the kids are vital to them despite being separated and they would always love and protect them. A couple of weeks before she was seen tweeting about the former actor husband supporting him when he was dragged in the controversy of Kangana.

She spoke about the leaked picture calling it to be photoshopped. Soon she was seen again tweeting against the possibility of getting reconciliation when the two were spotted together with the kids in a Mumbai restaurant. She categorically said, she is not going to reconcile with the actor come what may but would be committed as a parent.


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