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Sushant Singh Rajput’s wedding to be held in November, brother revealed this big

People have been deeply shocked by the death of Sushant Singh. The grief of his death is visible everywhere. From the political world to Bollywood, mourning is everywhere. Meanwhile, many important information related to Sushant’s life are also coming out. It is being told that Sushant was going to get married in November this year.

Sushant Singh Rajput was a resident of Barhara Kothi Maldiha of Purnia in Bihar and is his ancestral residence here. Hearing the news of death, there was silence. And there was a huge crowd outside Sushant’s house. Sushant’s family members are in bad shape.

Meanwhile, talking to the media, Sushant’s cousin Panna Singh told that the discussion about their marriage was going on in the house. According to Panna, Sushant was going to get married in November this year. However, he did not specify who was to be married.

Speaking to the media, Panna said, ‘I had a talk with Sushant’s father KK Singh last week. In this conversation which lasted about 45 minutes, he said that everything is fine. Talked to Sushant and he is going to get married in November. We will walk in it … Mumbai. ‘

Talking about Sushant’s relationship, his name was being added with actress Riya Chakraborty for the last few days. But no statement or post of Riya Chakraborty has been revealed on Sushant’s death.

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