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Sushant Singh Rajput’s Family Lawyer Shocking Revelation the actor’s Sister, Check Details

Ever since the FIR against the Jalebi actress Rhea has been filed by KK Singh the late actor’s father, we see things turning bad to worse. One can one revelation to the other coming on social media and other platforms about the actress. In the recent buzz, the family lawyer of KK Singh Mr Vikas Singh informed that Rhea tried to create a rift between Sushant and his sisters. He informed that Rhea had accused Priyanka Singh, the sister of the later actor, of molesting the actress. 

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He said this was done to hamper the bonding with Sushant and his sister. He further said that the allegation has caused some amount of rift between the siblings. Both Rhea and Sushant met for the first time in April 2019 in a common friend’s party. She then visited the next day at Sushant’s Bandra based apartment. At that time, Sushant’s sister Priyanka and her hubby were also there who met her. They were planning to leave for Pawna farmhouse. Rhea also accompanied them to the farmhouse. 

She decided to be with the family for that night. The next day in the afternoon Sushant also joined the family from Mumbai. They returned home and had a good time together. While Priyanka was planning her return with her hubby back to Delhi, Sushant asked her to be with him for a few days. She then cancelled her ticket and only her hubby returned to Delhi. The very same day Sushant wrote an emotional poem while Rhea was with him. 

The next days Rhea called Sushant and his sister at her place as she had some party at home. She created one Whatsapp group with Sushant and Priyanka for the party. The party was thrown for Showick Chakraborty’s birthday at Rhea’s home. However, there was no birthday but Rhea has just planned a get together. The very day Priyanka realised that Rhea used Sushant’s credit card to pay for the party, and they all returned home.

Priyanka slept while Sushant and Rhea were talking. When Priyanka woke up in the midnight she saw Sushant very angry and Rhea not around as she returned home. She had told Sushant that Priyanka had tried to molest the party’s night. When Priyanka heard this from Sushant, she was appalled as to how he can be so easily manipulated by Rhea. But as she wanted peace she returned to Delhi and narrated the story to her husband. He then talked to Sushant on Whatsapp but Sushant was not ready to listen. The lawyer claimed that this hampered their relationship and they did not speak for months.


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