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What is Sushant Singh Rajput upto on this Sunday Morning?


Well, the Dhoni The Untold Story actor seems to gear up for his upcoming movie Raabta opposite Kriti Sanon. This film has made him to learn the guitar and the actor has confirmed about the same sharing some of his pictures and videos at Instagram.

 The actor Sushant Singh Rajput is all set to ignite the fire in Raabta opposite Kriti Sanon. For the film, Sushant has gone out of the way and haslearnt to play the guitar and he has been posting videos of his jamming sessions on his Instagram page.

 Today, as we check what’s up at his place this Sunday Morning, with his candid picture of himself playing the guitar with his friend. The MS Dhoni actor is strumming with the guitar without a care in the world.

 As he shares the picture at Instagram saying, “The enormity of the Universe & the Ongoingness humbled into one event.SpaceTime Coordinates(Here,Now). The #Self-musing #morning #jamming #siddharth”. Check the picture if you are yet to catch the same:

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