Sushant Singh Rajput last called this actor

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput is no longer in this world. He committed suicide by hanging himself in his apartment on Sunday. Now the legitimate reason for his suicide is being searched. According to the latest information, Sushant Singh made the last call to his friend and actor Mahesh Shetty. Mahesh Shetty is a TV actor and worked with Sushant in the serial ‘Pavitra Rishta’.

According to a media report, Sushant Singh called Mahesh at around 1:51AM on Saturday night. But Mahesh did not attend the call. Due to which he went to sleep in his room. After this, on Sunday morning, Mahesh called Sushant Singh at 8:30. But he too did not pick up the phone. After this, Mahesh got the news of Sushant Singh’s suicide through media. At the same time, some media reports claimed that Sushant tried to call Mahesh at 9:30 am on Sunday but the call could not be connected.

Here, the postmortem of Sushant Singh has come to the fore. According to which Sushant Singh is said to have died from suffocation. Sushant’s postmortem has been sent for investigation. At the same time, according to sources in Mumbai Police, the police has received some medicines from Sushant Singh’s flat. These medicines were of depression. Which showed that Sushant was undergoing treatment for depression for the last few months. However, he did not emerge from it.

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