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SURR KE PIYO! Different types of Chai in India that you must try if you are a tea lover!

Bhaiyaji ek cup chai, we listen to this line 5-6 times a day from our mouth. It serves as the bond that secures our friendships. We must at least give a cup of tea before a visitor leaves our house. Without the required Chai stops at the stores that line our roads and hinterlands, our road travels would be boring. True foodies understand that the typical variation is merely one of the teas you can have with your pakoras—the majority of us still struggle to make it to save our lives.

There are many different types of tea and flavors. The sale of chai lattes in American cafes shows how widespread it has become. What, then, are Indian favorites? Choose a tea from the list below, then tell us the tea tastes you prefer.

1) Masala Chai


Masala Chai

This is most likely one of everyone’s favorite chai varieties. It is frequently referred to as Truck Walon Ki or Trucker’s Chai at new-age cafes. This needs to be good because truck drivers spend the most time on the road and consequently drink a lot of tea. I enjoy masala chai.

2) Kesar Chai 

Kesar Chai 

In the streets of Hyderabad near the Charminar, I came across this unique Kesar or Saffron Chai. After a long walk, we stopped at the Nayab shop for food. The proprietor offered me this one when he noticed that I didn’t have the Irani version. This combination was created with tea and a good deal of kesar. Just before the customer is served, milk is added. I may therefore advise them to only add a spoonful of milk. The tea has a distinct flavor, and the greatest thing is that you may personalize the milk content.

3) Ice Tea

Ice Tea 

A more recent kind of tea is iced tea. Typically offered at new age cafes. I adore lemon iced tea. Though it is available in every delicious taste imaginable. This may be quite a cooling drink to take on a hot summer day.

4) Tandoori Chai

Tandoori Chai

The latest craze among foodies is this. This is prepared in a Kulhad that has been sufficiently heated to impart the flavor of the clay pot as the tea bubbles inside of it. I can’t really tell much of a change in terms of taste. It is more of an original and novel experience.

5) Lal Cha

Lal Cha

Lal Cha is available throughout Assam and most of North East India, including Sikkim. It is only black tea, with a lot of sugar added but no milk. True to its name Lal Cha, the tea is a reddish-brown tint. This tea kept us going on the roads of Assam, Arunachal, Meghalaya, and Sikkim. After drinking it, it quickly becomes an essential component of your road journey through the area. When you arrive there the following time, Lal Cha is what you desire.

The decoction itself is not particularly bitter, so perhaps they use some unique kind of chai leaves. Unlike what we discover elsewhere on the Indian subcontinent.

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