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Suraj Aur Saanjh Review: Anil Charanjeett and Anjali Anand’s chemistry is too adorable to miss!

Suraj Aur Saanjh Movie Review :

  1. What happens when people with different personality traits come under the same roof? Expect the unexpected. That’s what ‘Suraj Aur Saanjh’ promises to be. A light-hearted tale about Suraj (Anil Charanjeett) and Saanjh (Anjali Anand) that personifies a perfect blend of emotions, drama and comedy.The five-episode of Suraj Aur Saanjh web series begins with veteran actor Raza Murad’s voiceover where he enlightens about the news of nationwide lockdown imposed by the Indian government from March 24 onwards in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

Saanjh is seen as depressed and helpless in life after being divorced from Vivek (Avinash Sachdev). She even tries to commit suicide, but little did she know that Suraj erupts as a ray of hope in her life to bring smiles. Suraj who is Minal’s (Garima Yagnik) boss gets stuck in lockdown. In this perplexing situation, Minal helps Suraj with temporary accommodation at her sister Saanjh’s home. The home that Saanjh is living in is given by Vivek in the final settlement during their divorce. While Suraj is a super-chilled man to be around, Saanjh is a reserved woman going through a lot of turbulence in life.

As they share the same home, the work responsibilities between the two get divided. It is interesting to see how they bond together and become great friends over binging movies. In the series, Suraj is highly influenced by Bollywood and includes a lot of filmy dialogues. His iconic recreation of Baburao Ganpatrao Apte of Paresh Rawal from ‘Hera Pheri’ is one impressive act to watch. His antics and lively persona keeps the viewers entertained, and Saanjh’s emotional sequences are worth watching that are highly relatable.

The creator of the show, Vedd Rawtaani has done a wonderful job as a director. He has kept a perfect balance of seriousness and entertainment. There are instances where Suraj gives references to Bollywood films, including that of ‘Jab We Met’ where he suggests Saanjh burn Vivek’s photograph and flush it. As the series rides high on entertainment and emotional quotient, it is later seen Suraj somehow falling for Saanjh. In the final episode, he plans a romantic birthday surprise for her. Does Suraj succeed in proposing Saanjh? Well, you must watch ‘Suraj Aur Saanjh’ to know what happens then. Interestingly, without revealing the climax, Vivek makes his appearance and is seen at Saanjh’s home in the last.

Does it mean the end of Suraj and Saanjh’s bonding? Just like stories, even this story has a happy ending. ‘Suraj Aur Saanjh’ starring Anil Charanjeett, Anjali Anand, Avinash Sachdev and Garima Yagnik is produced by Priya Rawtani (Priya Rawtani Productions) and Sanjana Parmar (House of Joy Productions). Written by Krishna Agrawal, the music partner of the series is Zee Music Company. Arijit Chakraborty has composed the music, and Dev Negi has crooned a foot-tapping song ‘Main Toh Hero Hoon Tera’. All in all, this Vedd Rawtaani directorial is a must-watch that will make you relate to real-life instances on various occasions.

Rating: ****1/2


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