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B Town Doesnt Support CBI on Censor Board Corruption Issue

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After the successful sting operation exposing the corruption found at the top level in Censor Board of India, the investigating agency CBI is not finding any other leads in this matter. Thanks to the reluctance and no support from the Bollywood world, which has stranded the agency to unearth the rot of corruption inside the censor board and B Town as well?  As per the sources, CBI has been investigating this case further since sacking Rakesh Kumar who was alleged in the bribe case during his tenure.

The Central Board of Film Certification commonly known as the Censor Board happens to be the regulatory body in India which controls the content of movies followed by certifying the same as per the age group they are appropriate for. Just last month, CBI arrested the CEO of the Censor Board- Rakesh Kumar for Rs 70,000 bribe allegation from the filmmakers of Chhattisgarh based film producer for clearing it.

According to CBI, the menace of bribe in this industry too is deep rooted, which cannot be exposed without the help and support of Bollywood people. In this regard, several noted actors, directors and producers were contacted by the investigating agency to unearth roots of corruption evident in the industry along with the Censor Board, however, none of them stepped forward to cooperate in this regard.



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