Supermodel Sasha Merchant’s diet for glowing skin

Sasha Merchant

Supermodel Sasha Merchant has made a few changes to her diet and exercise plan post lockdown in Mumbai. She loves indulging in desserts and home cooked Indian food. To make up for her sweet tooth, her exercise routine consists of a mix of dance, yoga and gymming. This diet and exercise routine keeps her in shape for all her ad endorsements and events.

She’s been the face of several beauty and luxury brands including Tanishq, Joyallukas, Mac cosmetics and Kaya amongst many others.

Speaking about what her daily diet consists of “My nutritionist suggested this diet and I’ve been very happy with the outcome. Eating right is just as important as working out if not more. I start my day with a cup of hot water with turmeric. Breakfast is probably my healthiest meal of the day which is three eggs, toast, fruits along with fresh carrot and tomato juice. I have a cup or two of green tea throughout the day and Amla juice. Lunch and dinner is pretty simple homemade food like roti, rice, sabzi, paneer, grilled chicken or fish, salad. It’s a very balanced and healthy diet unlike crash dieting, this keeps your hair, skin, and body in the best shape and isn’t focused on just weight loss.”

Sasha Merchant’s latest campaign for Kaya Skin Clinic released recently. Now we know the secret behind her glowing skin and healthy complexion!

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