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Super Nani Movie Review : Catch a great Comeback of Rekha

super nani review

One of the movies releasing this Friday is Super Nani, which has the comeback of Rekha after some time, along with Sharman Joshi, Anupam Kher, Randhir Kapoor, Shweta Kumar and Rajesh Kumar. The movie is basically a hit Gujarati play called Baa Ae Maari Boundary. The movie is directed and produced by Indra Kumar, while story comes from Vipul Mehta. The music of Super Nani is composed by Sanjeev Darshan and Harshit Saxena. The movie gives a strong message that the power of women cannot be underestimated provided they discover the same and use it. It is a story of a simple woman who turns out to be an extraordinary lady cornering everyone to win the battle of gender and generation gaps.

Now let us check the plot of this family drama. You have the character of Rekha called Bharti Bhatia, who happens to be a simple and family devoted woman. She takes care of everyone in the family wherein she has corporate king husband played by Randhir Kapoor, his son who is an aspiring stock market bull, while her daughter in law is all set to make her entry into a daily soap apart from one ultra modern daughter. She is seen too busy performing all her duties selflessly but is often humiliated and ridiculed like a servant by all her family members. The twist comes when Shraman Joshi visits his granny’s (Rekha) home. He soon realises how his granny who happens to be soft and tender lady is being commanded by one and all. This makes him lose his temper hence he decides to add something exciting in the life of his Nani.

Sharman who happens to be a failed photographer and filmmaker has returned to India to make something worthy but before that now he wants to turn his granny’s life upside down. He now changes his nani’s avatar into a modern and contemporary lady making her a successful in getting a couple of commercial ads. She soon realises that life at 60 is not an end but can have new beginning, thanks to her grandson, who has made her life a fun roller coaster ride. She rediscovers herself and soon end up becoming a brand ambassador of a popular detergent powder. The transformation from an idle woman to an ideal woman is interesting to catch especially when you have Rekha playing the character.

Well, we all know the credentials of the talented Rekha, you can very well imagine the way she has played this character. She has simply overshadowed everyone with her incredible performance and style. On other side Randhir Kapoor in the character of her husband too was decent but didn’t had much visibility in the movie to prove his worth, similar was the story of Anupam Kher who too had decent performance but was seen with a shorter roles. The others in the family were average and one-time watch characters busy in their daily Saas Bahu characters seemed okay in the movie. However, Sharman Joshi is the real gem, who played the character of Nani’s grandson incredibly. He is a versatile actor and has come a long way doing some really cool movies. His performance in Super Nani is commendable and surpassed the expectations, while his love interest Shweta Kumar who happens to be the daughter of Indra Kumar, the director and producer of the movie wasn’t that impressive for being a new face in Bollywood.

The other aspects like photography, music, editing and other things remained okay, but the script with a different storyline and message seems to be stealing the show. The movie starts up slow and dull, however, as soon as it progresses, you find a new gleam and fire in it. The entry of Shraman Joshi seems commendable, who after entering the show makes the movie worth watching and interesting and rest is the performance of Rekha who has simply stolen the hearts of critics. She has a good comeback at least if we speak critically, talking about the commercial success of the movie can be called a different topic all together.

Last word Super Nani Review :

A great comeback of Rekha in Super Nani. She has been incredible in her performance overshadowing others including Randheer Kapoor, Anupam Kher and even challenging of course the main hero of the movie Shraman Joshi. The movie is backed with a different script, however, can be still called to be a woman centric movie, which will commercially win or lose is still too early to discuss. Overall, the movie is okay with decent script and story and if you happen to be the fan of Rekha, you would certainly not going to miss out this family drama movie.

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