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Super Hit Chinese Web Series The Longest Day in Chang’an Streams on Amazon Prime Video

The Longest Day in Chang An

The Longest Day in Chang’an Web Series :

Written by Paw Studio
Directed by Cao Dun
Starring Lei Jiayin, Jackson Yee
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
Genre Historical suspense drama

A popular web series, originated in China taking up Pop star Jackson Yee as one of the lead roles, casting the suspense drama set during the Tang dynasty had made its way to Amazon Prime Video. The series titled, The Longest Day in Chang’an remains to be audiences favorite in China and with this news coming up gets to replicate its success on such a huge streaming service platform.

The series goes around the shadowy gang that has infiltrated the city and no one knows who they really are, but the authorities are completed scared of the apparent threat for the law and order that may evolve due to their presence and thus, deploy intimidating security forces to have a check on them.

It can only be the city of Chang’an, which is the capital of China’s Tang dynasty (618-907) that plays host to the visuals of this sumptuous, action-flavored period drama. Due to such a substantial work, The Longest Day in Chang’an web series will now be streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Highlighting the vivid cast of characters in the most extensive manner, the series also brings in a lot of significance in terms of dramatis personae, costume and architectural detail (CGI notwithstanding), along with its central, thriller-like storyline.

All the action will take place during the Lantern Festival and thus, within a day (making comparisons with Kiefer Sutherland’s crime-drama 24 inevitable, but not necessarily instructive). Taoist disciple Li Bi is played by Jackson Yee, who is a popular teenage pop idol in another life and a disgraced ex-detective Zhang Xiaojing (Lei Jiayin) who joins the forces to outwit the marauders, Xiaojing having been released from prison for the purpose. He stays wily to save the city; but with partnership fail, it becomes a pain.

Season one of this big-budget blockbuster is now also available for bingeing.


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