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Sunny Leone talks about Karenjit Kaur The Untold Story

Karenjit Kaur - Sunny Leone Biopic
Karenjit Kaur – Sunny Leone Biopic
The Sunny Leone biopic has been the talk of the down ever since it was announced in the media for the obvious reasons. As you check the trailer, it stars quite dramatically. We see a nervous Sunny Leone who is named as Karenjit Kaur, who happens to be a daughter of a conservative Sikh family who is settled in Canada and is seen looking at the mirror. We see her in hesitation, which is seen very much palpable, so is her to resolve. She is all set for a lingerie ad, the first project was seen in demands, which she shed her outfits and inhibitions in front of strangers.
She does both with professionalism that will become something of her USP in years to come. The biopic released with the title – Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone, which is seen taking us to 1994 and a gurdwara wherein we see the lady Karenjit singing gurbani. All such paradoxes are the key highlight of this Zee 5 web series, which presents the story of the film that happens to go in a dramatic fashion but all this comes with a refreshing honesty. The emphasis of the film is obviously is on the girl who has been born and brought in a conservative Indian household that seems to be deciding to become like an adult star and then is seen finding her feet in Bollywood.
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The career is seen arc is surprising, which is a story even more so. We have seen being naive in the show giving up her gown in mere 60 dollars, while her non-liner narrative is seen jumping over the infamous interview of the lady also is seen talking thing for the B Town actress. The lady finally said about her film that it will uncover some of her nastiest and dark truths about her life and so would give the best of the story in the media that will become an instant hit in the theatres. So, what do you think about her upcoming web series, we would be appreciated if you share your comments on the same.
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