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Sunny Leone lost her virginity at a tender age

Sunny Leone verginity

Loosing virginity is the boldest confession done by anybody and is coming from the boldest girl of the industry. Sunny Leone often reveals personal secrets which are quite tantalizingto mention the least as per Indian industry and media is concerned which are still not very open about all these. Sunny is quite pleased with the way, industry has treated her and she has good regards with all. She never minds being the porn star in past and said her present success is because of her glam sham image earlier.

Sunny Leone is top rated pornstar in the world who is known for her Bindaas image and some recent acting skills which she is learning. It will be a big question that who turns Sunny Leone on? She says, alluring and shirtless body of Hrithik Roshan with free flowing open hair can turn her on. He is sexiest man around today who is well maintained with great health statistics. Sunny further added that she idolizes Priyanka Chopra and considers her an epitome of the most powerful woman.

Do you know Sunny did her 1st kiss? Well that was cute kiss confessed by her at the bus back seat when she was just 13.

Well the big question is still here, when did she loose her virginity?

It happened at tender age of just 16.

These candid confessions will let you know her more and better as she is undoubtedly the most searched celebrity on internet today. Her beauty and grace greatly contribute to it.

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